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Fillings in Apollo Beach, Florida

Composite Fillings in Apollo Beach, Florida

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Do you have metal fillings that darken your smile? There are other cosmetic dentistry options for repairing teeth than amalgam or metal fillings.

At Monaco Dentistry, we know you care about the appearance of your teeth and want repairs that are unnoticeable when you smile. We offer white composite fillings for cavities and other repairs to keep your smile white and healthy. Composite fillings can be used instead of amalgam in almost any tooth repair. The material can be color-matched to your teeth to blend in with your smile. It makes repairs almost invisible. Composite resin is durable and flexible, lasting for many years. It can also put less stress on the tooth than metal fillings, due to the flexible nature.

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What Are Composite Resin Fillings?

Instead of metals, composite fillings consist of a special resin. Made from a combination of plastics and glass, composite resin is applied as a soft, pliable putty to repair lost tooth material. Using a special light, the putty is cured and hardened on the tooth in layers, creating a durable surface. Once the filling is completed, the surface is smoothed and polished to ensure your bite is perfect.

Composite resin can be used in repairs to teeth and to cover or correct some dental flaws. This durable, white material can fix chipped teeth or add width to teeth to close gaps. It is painless and quick, making it a fast option to improve your smile if you want to hide certain dental flaws.

When you need a cavity filled or another type of tooth repair, keep your smile white with composite fillings from Monaco Dentistry. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and ask about our white fillings.

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