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Facial Injectables in Apollo Beach, Florida

Facial Injectables in Apollo Beach, Florida

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Are you ready to reveal a more youthful, relaxed version of yourself to the world? You can trust the cosmetic dentists at Monaco Dentistry in Riverview for facial rejuvenation!

Total facial rejuvenation is the key to achieving your cosmetic goals! With a patient-centered approach and unwavering dedication to our craft, we provide the care you deserve to enjoy a beautiful new you. If you’re ready to say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles, visit your Riverview dentists today!

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What Are Facial Injectables?

Facial injectables are known primarily for their ability to treat wrinkles, crow’s-feet, worry lines and other cosmetic issues. Injectables work by blocking certain chemical signals from the nerves, specifically the signals that cause the facial muscles to contract. This allows the muscles to relax, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. In recent years, the compounds in injectables found a place in the medical field treating a variety of conditions, including lazy eye, bladder dysfunction and some neurological conditions.

Facial injectables have now become an accepted part of the dental field. Our office offers a facial injectable known medically as “onabotulinumtoxinA.” Injectables can treat a wide variety of facial, dental and periodontal issues. The procedure is simple and can be performed in one visit. Treatment takes about 30 minutes, and patients can see results in as quickly as one to four days.

What Are The Benefits Of Facial Injectables?

Facial injectables are an excellent solution for many common dental issues, including:

  • TMJ: Patients who suffer from a temporal mandibular joint disorder (known medically as TMD) can receive facial injectables to relax the pain associated with TMJ. Joint disorders cause patients persistent discomfort due to the hyperactivity of the muscles surrounding the jaw joints. Treatment can relax these muscles and provide relief.
  • Bruxism: Persistent clenching or grinding of the teeth can be reduced with facial injectables. Relaxing the muscles of the jaw can minimize the effects of bruxism on your teeth, especially when combined with a custom-made night guard.
  • Gummy smile: Patients who experience a “gummy smile” due to excess gum tissue or other periodontal issues can benefit from facial injectables. Typically, our dentist has to perform invasive gingival surgery and dental crown lengthening to reshape your gum tissue. With injectables, we can relax the lip muscles and achieve a more natural and aesthetically-pleasing smile without the need for surgery.
  • Tooth loss: For patients with long-term tooth loss, facial injectables can be used to improve the appearance and position of their facial muscles to accommodate new dentures. This can make dentures easier to place and more comfortable to wear.
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Are Facial Injectables Safe?

Yes, facial injectables are safe. Our staff is highly skilled and specially trained to administer injections. As with any treatment, there are possible side effects, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have during your consultation. We will discuss your concerns and make sure that facial injectables are the right treatment for you.

What do Facial Injectables Cost?

Each case is different, and your treatment costs will depend on your unique needs. Be sure to ask about our convenient and flexible financing options.

To learn more about facial injectables in Apollo Beach, call our office at (813) 358-1754 to schedule an appointment. We offer high-quality care at your convenience. Let us show you the Monaco Dentistry difference.

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