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Halitosis Treatment in Apollo Beach, Florida

Halitosis Treatment in Apollo Beach, Florida

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Are you self-conscious due to a problem with chronic bad breath? When brushing, flossing and mouthwash do not help deter bad odors in your mouth, you may have halitosis. This condition is more than the occasional bad breath due to onions, garlic or other foods/beverages. It can be a symptom of more serious health concerns and needs treatment.

At Monaco Dentistry, our oral health team can help find the cause of halitosis and offer general dental treatment to stop this embarrassing issue.

Halitosis does not have one cause. It can be due to many different issues.

While there are internal medical conditions that can lead to chronic bad breath, more commonly, it is an oral health issue. An infection in the mouth can have a foul odor. An abscessed tooth or gum infection from periodontal disease are common ailments that can cause bad breath. Tooth decay is another source of bad breath that will not subside after you brush or gargle with mouthwash.

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Treatment For Bad Breath

Treatment for halitosis or bad breath depends on what is causing the odor. The first step in finding the cause is to schedule a checkup and cleaning. Our hygienist will check for any signs of gum disease or infection, plus clean away any tartar than can harbor bacteria. If your gum health is fine, Dr. Amrooei will perform a thorough exam to identify any other dental issues that could be causing your bad breath and other oral health problems. In some cases, all that is needed is a professional tooth cleaning and a more stringent oral hygiene routine or special medications to curb bacteria growth. If a dental problem is present, treating the decay or infection can help clear up your halitosis.

If you have been told you have chronic bad breath or noticed it on your own, it is time to schedule a dental exam to find out the cause. contact our office in Apollo Beach to schedule your checkup to put an end to your halitosis.

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