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Root Canal Treatment in Riverview, Florida

Root Canal Treatment in Riverview, Florida

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A root canal is a restorative dental procedure that we offer to save teeth and maintain healthy smiles. You can trust Monaco Dentistry for gentle, effective root canals in Riverview and the surrounding communities!

Are you worried that you may need a root canal? Do you suffer from a frequent toothache, swelling in your jaw, or other serious symptoms? Call Monaco Dentistry right away. With our patient-centered approach and unwavering dedication to our craft, our doctors focus on what’s most important: your comfort and care.

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What Is A Root Canal?

Also known as root canal treatment or endodontic therapy, a root canal is the name of the common dental procedure. Our team performs root canals to clean out the decay in your tooth’s pulp and root and flush out any infected material. Without treatment, the infection can worsen to the point that you eventually lose your tooth. Root canals are performed to save teeth and maintain healthy smiles.

Your teeth consist of three layers:

  • An enamel layer on the outside
  • A second layer of dentin inside
  • A soft core in the center, called a pulp chamber
The pulp chamber extends into the root in your jawbone. This soft, sensitive core contains the dental pulp, which consists of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue of your tooth. When bacteria or decay gets into the pulp chamber, the pulp can become inflamed or infected or even die. A root canal is needed to clean out the decay.

Do I Need A Root Canal?

The need for a root canal can present in a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Severe pain when chewing or biting
  • Abscesses on the gums
  • Prolonged sensitivity to temperature or pressure
  • Swollen, puffy, or tender gums
  • Drainage
  • Darkening or discoloration of the tooth or gums
  • Swelling in the face or jaw

Frequently Asked Questions

Most patients fear root canals because of their reputation as a painful procedure. However, root canals are fairly simple and straightforward. Any discomfort or pressure you may feel will be controlled by local anesthesia. In fact, most patients report that having a root canal is no more uncomfortable than having a filling placed.

The cost of your root canal procedure will depend on your unique case, such as the location in your mouth and the tooth that requires treatment. Our team will discuss all treatment costs and payment options during your visit.

Yes, we do! Our team offers laughing gas to help patients relax during a variety of procedures, including root canals.

The length of your procedure will depend on your unique case, such as the position of your tooth and the condition of the tooth receiving treatment. Our dentist will explain what to expect during your root canal before your procedure.

Do You Take Insurance?

Yes, we do! Monaco Dentistry works with most major dental insurance plans. For your convenience, we accept all dental PPO plans. A friendly member of our team is available to answer any questions you may have about your insurance coverage, out-of-pocket costs, and our dental insurance policies.

Do You Accept Walk-ins And Emergency Appointments?

Yes, we do. At Monaco Dentistry, our doctors and team do everything we can to see patients as soon as scheduling permits and provide prompt service. We also offer emergency appointments to see our patients as promptly as possible.

Do You Offer Financing?

Yes, we do! Our office offers convenient in-house payment plans for patients in need of structured payment schedules. We also offer flexible low-to-no-interest financing with CareCredit. Be sure to ask about all your payment and financing options during your visit! A member of our team will be happy to discuss your financial needs with you.

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