What To Expect When First Getting Dentures

September 15, 2023
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Dentures are a great way to replace missing teeth and restore your smile. If you’re about to get dentures soon, then you’re likely wondering how the adjustment period will unfold. 

It takes a while to get used to dentures. Though modern ones are comfortable and custom-made to match your arches, this adjustment period is inevitable. Still, it won’t take long to learn to love your new dentures.

Check out this short article to learn more:

Denture Adjustment: Average Timeline

The first day

By far, this is the most uncomfortable day. You’re just putting your dentures on for the first time, and it will feel strange to keep them in your mouth. 

Still, the longer you wear them, the more dentures will feel natural. On the first day, you should not wear your dentures for more than 8 hours. 

You need to give your gums time to adjust. Take them out before going to bed, and don’t eat with them yet.

The first couple of weeks

As time goes on, you should slowly try to learn how to use your dentures. After the first few days, try to eat with them on, starting with soft foods that don’t require a lot of chewing. Then, slowly add harder foods back into your diet.

Remember to chew slowly, and if your gums are sore, take the dentures out to give them a break. You can also massage them to relieve some discomfort.

After the first couple of weeks

By this point, dentures should already be more comfortable. You might still have some adjustments to make when it comes to talking confidently with your dentures on. Practicing in front of a mirror can help a lot with this. 

Some patients also experience increased salivation because of dentures. You can control it by enjoying a piece of sugar-free candy.

Tips to Care for Your New Dentures

Caring for dentures means caring for your oral health. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Brush your dentures twice a day to remove food and other buildup.
  • Use a gentle toothbrush and gentle cleaners to avoid scratching or damaging the dentures.
  • Put them in water or a denture cleanser when you’re not wearing them, like during sleep.
  • Clean your gums and remaining natural teeth.

Apart from this, you should also see a dentist near you in Riverview or Apollo Beach routinely for a preventative care appointment. These visits, done every six months, help protect your oral health and maintain your new denture smile for a long time!

Find Out If Dentures Are Right for You

Are you struggling with missing teeth? Modern dentistry provides many solutions to restore both the health and appearance of your smile! 

Monaco Dentistry is here to help you replace missing teeth with custom dentures and other great procedures that support long-term oral health.

Request a visit online and stop by one of our offices to discover your smile restoration options.

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