Preventive Dentistry in Apollo Beach & Riverview

preventive dentistry in Apollo Beach & Riverview

So Much More Than A Cleaning

Preventive care encompasses everything offered during your recommended twice-annual dental exam. Your appointments include a thorough cleaning and an exam with one of our doctors, but also several layers of protection to keep your whole mouth healthy. Patients have access to fluoride treatments, oral cancer screenings, periodontal-specific care, and dental sealants. These treatments help ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy, and can even help prevent complications from occurring in the first place. Your routine appointments also give us a chance to connect with you on any concerns or goals that may have come up between your last visit. Remember, we’re here to partner with you on the path to optimal oral health and wellness.

Comprehensive Preventive Care


New Patient Special

Affordable Care. Exceptional Results

New to our practice? First-time patients can take advantage of our $89 New Patient Special, which includes a cleaning, exam, and set of x-rays to assess your dental health.

preventive dentist in Apollo Beach & Riverview

Free Second Opinions

Unsure about your treatment options based on your existing dentist’s recommendations? We happily provide free second opinions to anyone feeling uncertain about the best path forward.

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Free Implant & Denture Consultations

Considering implants or dentures? We’re happy to consult with our patients for free to go over their specific case and outline potential options and expected results.

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Protecting Your Pearly Whites

Fluoride Treatments

Cavity protection in the form of a quick rinse? Yes please! You’ll swish for one minute and walk away with an extra layer of protection that lasts until your next preventive visit.

Dental Sealants

Consider dental sealants an insurance policy for your teeth, providing an added layer of protection against cavities! The sealant is a thin coating that’s painted on your teeth to form a protective barrier and can last for up to a decade.

Apollo Beach & Riverview preventive dentist