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Treating Receding Gums in Apollo Beach, Florida

Receding Gum Treatment in Apollo Beach, Florida

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Have you noticed your gums are receding, swollen or bleeding? These are common symptoms of the early stages of periodontal disease, or gingivitis. This is an infection in the gum tissue from bacteria, and if left untreated, can lead to more serious health problems and tooth loss.

Our team at Monaco Dentistry can help treat receding or tender gums and restore them back to health.

When there are plaque and tartar on your teeth, there is also the bacteria that causes gum disease.

Brushing, flossing and routine oral care, along with general dental care, can help keep bacteria at bay. However, once tartar is formed, it can irritate the gums. This causes the gums to recede away from the teeth. The infection from the bacteria can cause swelling and inflammation of the gum tissue, which can lead to tenderness and bleeding when brushing or chewing crunchy foods.

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Relief For Bleeding Or Swollen Gums

If you have been suffering from tender gums or notice blood in your spittle when you are done brushing, it is time to schedule a dental checkup and cleaning. During your appointment with our hygienist, you will receive a gum health inspection. This can determine if you have gum disease or gingivitis and the level of treatment you need. Treatment can include deep or frequent dental cleanings and special mouthwash to stop infections for gingivitis. Advanced periodontal disease may require more extensive therapy to stop the infection, cleaning the teeth roots and removing diseased gum tissue.

Bleeding or receding gums is not just an annoyance, it can be a sign of gum disease, which can put you at risk for pregnancy problems, type 2 diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular issues, as well as tooth loss. Contact Monaco Dentistry today to schedule your checkup and get treatment for your gums.

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