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Apollo Beach & Riverview dental crowns

Why Do I Need A Dental Crown?

A dental crown may be necessary if you have severe tooth decay that may damage your teeth to the point where a dental filling cannot fix it. You may also need a dental crown if you have a cracked or broken tooth, a large cavity, or a worn-down tooth that requires restoration. Crowns can also be used to cover a dental implant, shield a misshapen tooth, or support a dental bridge.

The Dental Crown Process


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Alternatives to Dental Crowns?

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If your dentist has recommended a dental crown, but you want to consider other treatments, there are several alternatives that are less invasive and cost-efficient. The most common alternatives you may get at Monaco Dentistry include the following:

Porcelain Onlay helps preserve your natural tooth structure.

Phasing treatment is a great alternative to dental crowns because of the cost.

You can also use a provisional crown which is bonded to your tooth.

In-office lab indirect resin crowns can be an excellent short-term alternative to regular crowns.

Tooth extraction provides a permanent way to avoid a dental crown.

dental crowns in Apollo Beach & RiverviewApollo Beach & Riverview, FL dental crowns
Apollo Beach & Riverview crowns

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