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Root Canal Treatment in Apollo Beach, Florida

Root Canal Treatment in Apollo Beach, Florida

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At Monaco Dentistry, we offer the expertise and relaxing atmosphere you need when you have a painful, infected tooth and need a root canal.

The interior of teeth consists of root canals that contain the softer pulp of the tooth and the nerves. When decay or infection reaches the inside of these canals, the nerves can be impacted by inflammation, causing pain. Once an infection or abscess reaches the interior sanctum of the tooth, there are usually only two options- extraction or root canal therapy. Whenever possible, you want to save your natural teeth to protect the health, beauty and function of your smile with general dentistry. Root canal therapy offers a way to stop your toothache and save your tooth.

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Gentle Root Canals Provide Pain Relief

Some people equate root canals with pain, but it is not the treatment that is painful. The infection that needs removal can be painful. When done correctly, root canals are the best option for relief from that pain, not the cause. The procedure involves removing the diseased pulp and nerves from the canals of the tooth and disinfecting the interior to stop the infection. The tooth is packed with a special material and resealed. A dental crown is usually needed to protect the weakened tooth.

Once the infected tooth material and nerves are removed, the source of pain is gone. While your tooth may be a little sore over the next few days as it heals, the worst of the pain should be over. Medication can be used to improve your comfort.

Our team at Monaco Dentistry will make sure you are comfortable and relaxed during your root canal treatment. We have sedation options available if you prefer them. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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