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Tooth Pain Relief in Apollo Beach, Florida

Tooth Pain Relief in Apollo Beach, Florida

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When you are experiencing tooth or jaw pain, it is your body telling you something is wrong. Subduing the pain with medication is not the answer. Finding the source and fixing the underlying cause will give you permanent relief and protect your oral health.

Our experienced dental team at Monaco Dentistry can help determine what is causing tooth or jaw pain and offer a dental treatment solution to give you relief.

When a tooth aches or has sharp pain, there is something impacting the nerves inside the tooth.

It can be decay, infection or a crack in the tooth you may not be able to see, causing inflammation or pressure on the tooth nerves. Treatment depends on the cause of the pain. Often, it is a simple removal of decay or a repair of a damaged tooth. For deeper infections, root canal therapy may be needed. We offer many different dental treatments at Monaco Dentistry to stop tooth pain and restore your oral health.

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Treatment for Jaw Pain

When your jaw hurts consistently, you may have a disorder with the muscles or joints in your jaw, or a misalignment of your teeth/bite. TMJ or TMD, also known as temporomandibular joint disorder, can be the cause of jaw pain. Finding the cause of your jaw discomfort is the first step, then we can recommend treatment. If misalignment is causing the discomfort, straightening your teeth with orthodontics like clear Invisalign aligners may be a solution. For some, simply wearing a dental night guard while sleeping can provide relief of jaw pain by adjusting the jaw and preventing teeth grinding at night. For those missing teeth, replacing teeth that are causing misalignment of the jaw can restore their smile and give jaw pain relief.

If you have oral pain, you do not need to live with this discomfort. Contact our friendly team at Monaco Dentistry to schedule an exam to get to the bottom of what is causing your tooth or jaw pain. We will find a treatment option for relief.

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