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Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Apollo Beach, Florida

Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Apollo Beach, Florida

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When the final four wisdom teeth finally arrive in your late teens or early twenties, they may not be welcome additions to your smile. Some people have no problems with their wisdom teeth, while others are not as lucky and require general dental treatment. Many wisdom teeth arrive in a crowded environment in the mouth, causing them to grow incorrectly and create problems.

At Monaco Dentistry, we carefully monitor young adults that are receiving their wisdom teeth and, if needed, offer removal to protect their oral health.

Wisdom teeth are usually the largest molars and need room to grow.

Some people are born with smaller mouths that do not accommodate their last molars. In other cases, these last molars decide to grow the wrong direction, pushing against existing teeth or growing sideways out of the gums. When wisdom teeth do not emerge straight or in the right spot, it can impact the alignment of the other teeth, cause pain, put pressure on sinuses or even create an infection. When these issues occur, it is often best to remove the wisdom teeth for the overall health of the patient.

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Quick, Gentle Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Removing problem wisdom teeth can be the best solution for many young patients. It can also be needed later in adulthood if wisdom teeth are difficult to keep free from decay or other dental issues. Our team offers gentle removal of these large molars at our office to protect the oral health of our patients. We can remove all four at one time or do individual molars as needed. We will ensure you are comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. If needed, we have sedation options to help you calm any anxiety while we remove your wisdom teeth.

In most cases, we strive to protect teeth from extraction at Monaco Dentistry. However, wisdom teeth can be the exception to the rule when they pose a risk to your overall oral health. If you have a teen about to get their wisdom teeth or you have a wisdom tooth that needs to be removed, Contact us today to come in for an exam and consultation at our office in Apollo Beach.

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