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Sedation Dentistry in Apollo Beach, Florida

Sedation Dentistry in Apollo Beach, Florida

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Not everyone enjoys trips to the dentist. In fact, most people have some level of anxiety when it comes to dental treatments. At Monaco Dentistry, we understand that visiting our office is not everyone’s favorite activity. We do our best to make it as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

We have many amenities for you to enjoy. Our office offers flat-screen TVs, a computer lab and beverage bar for our patients to use. But when you need additional help relaxing, we make that possible with our sedation dentistry options.

If you get nervous just thinking about dental care treatments, we want to help calm your anxiety. You need to care for your teeth and gums, as it is important to your overall health. To make it easier, we offer Laughing gas and medications that can calm your nerves and make visits to our office more relaxing. You get the dental care you need, without feeling stressed or overwhelmed.
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Laughing Gas

One of the most preferred methods of sedation for dentistry is laughing gas. This substance is breathed in through a nasal mask to give you a feeling of euphoria during your dental treatments. You stay awake and conscious, but you may drift off into your own thoughts while we perform your needed dental care. There are no lasting effects, and once you stop breathing the gas, the effects quickly subside. You can safely drive after using this sedation method, and it is safe for use with children.

Anxiety-Reducing Medication

Another option for relieving dental anxiety is taking an oral medication before your visit. This can help put you at ease before and during your visit. Depending on the medication prescribed, you may need assistance driving to and from your dental appointment.

Do not let a fear of dentists or dental anxiety get in the way of keeping your smile healthy. contact Monaco Dentistry to learn more about our sedation options for stress-free dental care.

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